How to avoid the Twitter Trend Line – Trend Line for the next five years

The Twitter Trendline, also known as the Twitter Insights Graph, is a series of trending topics.You can see the trend line for the week of the event on your Twitter timeline.If you want to find out what the trending topics are, click on the yellow highlighted box at the top of your Twitter Timeline.You will then see the Twitter Trends […]

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Why it’s time to rethink the trend line

Trending now: The size trend is coming to an end.As technology and design have become more complex, designers have struggled to find the perfect way to show their products in sizes that fit well.That’s when the trend began.The new trend line now includes a larger size and a smaller size, and they have become iconic.The larger sizes now are also […]

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How to watch the next fashion trends: A guide

The next fashion trend will be in fashion by 2020, according to a recent study by Trendline.Trendline is a market research firm that provides analysis of trends.The survey found that the first half of the decade will see the fastest growth of any time in history, and that fashion is poised to make the biggest shift of the 21st century.It’s […]

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