How to Stop the Spread of Zika: Here’s How to Protect Yourself

The Trump administration is pushing to roll back federal regulations that protect consumers against the spread of Zika virus, a move that would be the latest blow to the mosquito-borne virus, which has already killed more than 3,300 people and infected more than 16,000 others.The move comes at a time when states and localities across the country are struggling to […]

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Google Trends: ‘Small’ and ‘Large’ Trend, but What’s the Difference?

Trending worldwide in 2018 is the number of search queries for words such as ‘small’ and “large”, which was the first number Google began tracking in the year 2000.The search engine now says that the number has more than tripled over the past decade.The word “small” has been trending in the US and Canada for over a decade now, while […]

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