How to Get the Most Out of Coffee Sources Buzzfeed

When it comes to coffee, there’s a lot to keep track of.From the variety of flavors and the quality, to the freshness of the beans, to how much caffeine goes into the cup, there are plenty of different factors to consider when choosing the right cup of joe.For many, coffee is a staple part of the diet, and while there […]

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How To Take The Top 20 Trending Twitter Topics in One Month

Newsweek  (2017)A brand new trend on Twitter: hashtags 70s style trends, social media trends and periodical trends worksheets.For example, we have the trend on #womenswear, which was trending last month, and the #wedding trend, which started in September.This is the most common style trend among #WomensWear hashtags on Twitter today, according to data from Trend Micro.#WomansWear #womanswear hashtag trending in […]

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