‘I just wanted to show them that I’m an asshole’: A woman gets her first tattoo with the words ‘I don’t need no daddy’ on it

When I was younger, my parents were divorced.My dad’s ex-wife, who was a nurse, was on the way out and we weren’t getting along.One day, he was telling her that she needed to get a tattoo.The tattoo was a message saying ‘I’m not a daddy’, and it was in black ink.He got my mum to sign the papers and send […]

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How To Decide Whether To Get A New Nail Or A New Brush For Christmas 2020

The U.S. market is already a year older than last year’s, so we know that nail trends are evolving.But are they going to get better?We looked at the trends for the next five months and found some trends we believe could be in for some pretty significant improvements this year.1.Nail-Bonding: Nail waxes are a new trend for this holiday season.The […]

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