How to watch the next viral video without scrolling to a top

Trending news is all about timing, and there are plenty of ways to watch it before it happens.We’ve created a roundup of how to watch as many of the best videos as possible before they’re actually shown on the big screen.The Buzzfeed Trending app, developed by the news site, has been around since 2015 and lets you scroll through a […]

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Citi Trends: The Next Wave of Politics Compelling Baby Trends

The Baby Trend Walker is a trending political app that uses data to show you how your own baby is trending.It’s an app that shows you how the opinions of other people are trending in the same time period.It’s a very smart app that really helps us understand how our own babies are changing over time.CitiTrends: The Baby Trends Walker […]

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Google Trends: ‘Small’ and ‘Large’ Trend, but What’s the Difference?

Trending worldwide in 2018 is the number of search queries for words such as ‘small’ and “large”, which was the first number Google began tracking in the year 2000.The search engine now says that the number has more than tripled over the past decade.The word “small” has been trending in the US and Canada for over a decade now, while […]

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