When the world’s first iPhone is unveiled: ‘A lot of money is at stake’

A $1,000 iPhone 5S is on display at a tech trade show in New York.It is not the most expensive phone the world has ever seen, but it is still a lot of cash.The $1.9 billion phone, dubbed the “world’s first,” is the product of a massive investment effort by Apple, the worlds largest tech company.The iPhone 5 was first […]

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What the new citi clips do for the economy

The citi trend shows that the trend of citi points is becoming a global phenomenon.Citi Trends, which tracks the trend data from banks and other financial institutions, says that there are more than 2.5 billion citi-points in circulation globally.That number is expected to grow to about 5.5 trillion citipoints in 2021.In India, the trend is even bigger.According to data from […]

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