Which is the funniest and most famous song about Donald Trump?

It has to be “I’m With Her,” by Kanye West.The track has been used by the rapper since 2012, and has been the top trending song on Twitter since March 4, 2020.Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted the lyrics to the song in August of 2020, and the president has continued to sing it ever since.The song has also been […]

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How to understand the climate change trends you’re seeing

The word “warming” is an old one in our lexicon and it’s often used in a neutral and non-political way.But over the past decade, it has been increasingly used to describe what the planet is experiencing.This month, for example, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCC) has adopted a resolution that calls on countries to “develop a climate change strategy […]

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Google Trends: 90s trends for the year 2020

Google is launching its first ever global trend tracking service on Wednesday, aimed at tracking popular trends and breaking down the importance of a certain word or phrase in a given context.The platform will include a new section for “90s,” which will include new categories like “90’s movies,” “90S music,” “80s TV shows,” and “90-90s fashion.”The news follows similar changes […]

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