How to plan for the 21st century wedding: ‘If you are looking for an authentic experience, go with this model’

This is the first time in history that more couples will marry in the 21-year-old era, according to a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics.The Academy says that the current marriage age is 20, down from its 21-century baseline.The new recommendation, however, applies to any age range.The study notes that a couple’s age also matters, as does whether […]

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How to get ready for 2019 wedding trends

The 2020 wedding season has arrived and the countdown continues to start.The season has begun with the coronavirus outbreak in Europe and the U.S. that has led to more people staying home and people taking time off work to deal with the virus.The weather has been cold and cloudy this month but the forecast is looking bright.The sun is shining, […]

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