The U.S. market is already a year older than last year’s, so we know that nail trends are evolving.

But are they going to get better?

We looked at the trends for the next five months and found some trends we believe could be in for some pretty significant improvements this year.1.

Nail-Bonding: Nail waxes are a new trend for this holiday season.

The new trend is to wear nail wax on your nails to bond the two pieces together and make them even more cohesive.

It is a way to decorate your nails for a special occasion.

In this example, you are using the wax to bond your nails together to make your nails look like a cross between a wedding band and a wedding ring.

In 2017, the trend was so strong that many nail polish companies decided to incorporate it into their products.

The only problem with the trend is that the process involves mixing the wax with a lot of water and it can stain your nails.2.

Lip-Shading: Lip-shading is a new fashion trend, but one that has some serious implications for the makeup industry.

Lip shaders have become a popular trend for men and women to add a lip gloss to their nails.

While they are not a necessity, lip shaders are one of the most effective ways to add dimension to your nails and create a fuller, fuller-looking nail.

The idea behind lip shading is to use a lot more product and it looks great on your nail, especially when paired with a manicure.3.

Lipstick-Glossing: A lot of the new nail trends this year focus on nail polish and glitter.

In 2018, it is not uncommon to see women wearing glitter and nail polish on their nails for different reasons.

Some of the nail trends include a manicurist adding glitter to a manicured nails, glittery nail polish, and glittery lip glosses.

You can even see some nail polish glitter on the lips of women.

In general, you can find glittery, glitter-glued nail polish at nail shops, nail salons, and nail salon accessories.4.

Lip & Lip Glitter: Lip & lip glitter is a trend that has been around for a while.

Lip glitter is an easy, fast, and cheap way to add texture to your nail polish.

The nail polish is usually made of pigments or other materials that will allow the nail polish to adhere to the nail and make the polish look glossy.

These nail polish products are usually made in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and they often come in different shades.

However, if you’re looking for a way of adding glitter or shine to your manicure, these nail polish options are the way to go.5.

Pouring Color: Color mixing is a very trendy trend for women.

The beauty industry has embraced the idea of color mixing and is known for its creative and unique makeup looks.

Some people believe that the idea behind color mixing is to get different shades of lipstick and nail lacquer to add color to your makeup.

For some people, this means applying nail polish with lipstick on top of it, which makes the lipstick look like it is smeared with lipstick.

For others, it could mean applying the lipstick over a manicura to create the look of a lipstick stain.6.

Lipglossing : LipglOSSING is a lot like lip glittering.

However it has a very different meaning.

When it comes to nail polish glossing, you’re not adding color to the nails.

Instead, it’s applying nail lacquers to the skin, making the nails look more polished and looking like they are made of gold.

When this is done in a manicurbated setting, it can create the illusion of a gold finish.7.

A Better Decoration For The Nail: We have seen a lot in the past year about the beauty trend of the holidays.

We know it’s going to be a fun and busy time of year for women and their makeup.

So how are we going to choose the best nail products to wear during the holidays?

In 2018 we wanted to look at the most popular nail polish styles and see what we thought were the best nails for women to wear.

This is a big shift from last year.

In 2016, we found that most nail polish brands didn’t even offer a nail polish that we would consider the best.

Instead we focused on nail-care products that were recommended by other women.

So, in 2018, we looked at more than just the top nail-shades, we also included more than one style to get a broader picture of nail-beauty trends.8.

New Products: New nail-products are not as common as they used to be.

This year, the nail-tech companies are starting to offer new nail products.

Some nail-cosmetics brands are

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