In this video, Australian mother Melissa Walker shares her story of how bitcoin changed her life.

Posted September 10, 2018 16:25:24Melissa Walker is a mum of two and a former bitcoin miner.

She said bitcoin has changed her family’s life.

Ms Walker said her family had to move from Perth to Brisbane when she was a teenager, because of a lack of places to go for their children.

“I was so frustrated that I would have to move.

It was just not worth the hassle.

I was in Brisbane, I had to go somewhere,” she said.”

But then I discovered the power of bitcoin, and the way it allows people to do things without having to be a millionaire, without having a lot of money.”

Bitcoin has become so popular in Australia that it is now being used to buy food in supermarkets and to pay for medical treatment in hospitals.

“We’ve got a lot more people buying and selling bitcoins than ever before,” Ms Walker said.

The mother of two said her children started using bitcoin when she bought a ticket to Perth to watch the Perth-based rugby league team play the Queensland Barbarians.

“They had this big poster on the wall of the gym that said ‘Bitcoin’, and we bought a bitcoin for the tickets,” Ms Wood said.

Her family said they also used bitcoin to pay the rent on their Brisbane home, and for medical bills.

“The thing that was amazing was the money was coming in,” Ms Ward said.

Ms Wood said her daughter was always happy and was always buying new clothes.

“She’s the one that keeps asking me, ‘What do you think bitcoin is?’, and I just tell her that it’s something that people should try,” she added.

Ms Ward said bitcoin made her family more secure and easier to work with.

“It’s not just about money.

It’s about trust and security and transparency,” she told the ABC.”

That was what I was missing when I was living in Perth.”

Bitcoin is not a new idea, but there has been no bitcoin-related financial crisis in Australia for over a decade.

The price of a bitcoin, the digital currency, has been steadily increasing over the last year.

Bitcoin is used to purchase goods and services from merchants on the internet.

The currency is used by people to transfer value and buy goods and things online.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission said bitcoin was a speculative investment in October.

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