Google has revealed its Summer Trends section for 2020, and for the first time in more than a decade, the search giant is showing us its top trending trends.

As expected, Google has taken the top spot in a list of most popular searches, with more than half of the searches being for “Summer”, with “Summer” being the top trending search.

Google’s new search engine, which has a “search experience” feature that is similar to the way you can search on Facebook and Twitter, has seen a rise in popularity, as Google has made it easy to search through the trending searches.

For example, “Summer Trends 2020” is the top search, as it’s followed by “Summer”.

However, “Winter” is also the top trend, as is “Spring”.

Google has also updated its search bar to show the top trends in the past few months, with “Spring” and “Summer-Fall” being among the top searches in the last two months.

Google has said that “Summer trends” and search results are displayed by default, and that it’s not an option to hide the results.

Google also told The Verge that it is trying to improve search results for “Spring and Summer”.

However, there’s a way to hide Google Trends results in your Google account.

Google says that this feature is “not an option”, and that you can hide the search results from the search bar by typing in “summer” in the search box.

This will not hide results from Google, but will hide them from the Google search results.

Google also revealed that there will be new search bar features, such as a “suggested search” feature.

These new features will be available to search for the top stories in the media, as well as news stories and political and sporting events.

The Google search bar is also coming to iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.

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