Trend Micro Inc., the largest antivirus vendor in the world, has said it has spent more than $2 billion on antivirus technologies in the last six months.

The firm, which has been a vocal critic of US President Donald Trump, also says it has made more than 400 acquisitions in China in the past year alone. 

But the Chinese and Russian governments have been investing heavily in surveillance and cybersecurity technologies in recent years, including in recent months, as part of a concerted effort to prevent cyberattacks on the US. 

The investment in the US is also in part driven by the belief that the US and Russia could be vulnerable to cyberattacks from China, a key competitor to the US in the IT and military industries, which would have a far greater impact on the global economy. 

Tight restrictions on travel and commerce between China and the US have led to a significant decrease in the number of Americans visiting the country, according to an August report by the US government’s National Science Foundation.

China and Moscow are among the world’s biggest consumers of US goods, and both governments have strong ties to the technology sector. 

Last month, the Russian foreign ministry released a new report which said the Chinese government had “a lot of influence” on the development of US cybersecurity policies and was looking to use the US as a platform for its cyberattacks against the US, The Washington Post reported.

China is also believed to be the largest investor in the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Inc., which was hired by the Trump administration in 2015 to help investigate the DNC breach. 

“We have a lot of concerns about the Chinese state’s influence in US cybersecurity,” CrowdStrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch told a Senate committee last year. 

Russia has also been investing in cybersecurity, having invested $1 billion in cybersecurity firms last year, according the US Department of Commerce. 

CrowdStrike has said in a report earlier this year that it was working on ways to “mobilize Russian-speaking actors in China to help China’s state-run cyber-security sector.” 

In the wake of the DNC hack, Chinese government officials have repeatedly called for a crackdown on US cyberattacks.

“If we are attacked, we will not stop, even if the US attacks us again,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in November, according a report in the state-owned Global Times newspaper. 

However, US President Trump has repeatedly said the US should not rely on the Chinese as a threat to the United States. 

In January, Trump accused China of being behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee and called for “a serious, tough and firm response” from Beijing. 

At the time, Trump said that China was “using the DNC hacks for propaganda purposes.”

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