2017 nail trends are here.

For the year, it was the trend for a full on nail-polish manicure.

There’s also the trend of a full face of nail polish.

In 2017, there were nail polish trend videos on YouTube, and the trend has continued to grow as more nail polishes are released.

Here are a few of the most popular nail polishing trends in 2017:1.

Nail-paint inspired by a tattoo, facial hair and moreA popular trend among 2017 nail-paints was to use a tattooed face, facial skin and hair to create a manicure inspired by an image or image.

This was a way to capture the essence of the person behind the design.

This style of nail art has taken off in 2017, and there are many more designs being made and released in 2017.1.

Nail-painting with a tattoo on your face, body, head, or neckA more recent trend is to add a tattoo onto your face or body, and then add some body hair, neck, or other facial hair to complete the look.

This type of nail-painter is known as a ‘Nail Painter’ and is very popular in 2017 because of its easy-to-make and versatile designs.

For a full list of these nail-art inspired designs, see the post about tattooed faces and facial skin.2.

Nails with a black background, white lettering and black inkNails with black lettering on a white background and black and white ink are sometimes known as ‘black lettering’, or ‘Black Nail’.

The two styles have become popular in recent years and are now found on everything from purses and wallets to the nail bed.

They can also be found in nail polish, nail art and nail art products.3.

Nailed nails with black ink on a yellow backgroundA style of black nail art known as Black Ink Nails is a very popular nail art style, which involves using black ink, white letters and white paint to create an image that resembles a black and yellow background.

This trend is usually done by using a yellow, orange, orange or red color.4.

Nails made from a mixture of red and blueNails often have a mix of red, blue and yellow on them.

This is because the colors are often added in different combinations to create different styles of nail artwork.

The two main colors for this type of Nail Art are red and yellow.

The color combinations are usually found in the form of a circle, dot or oval.5.

Nailed nail art with a gold lettering, black and gold inkA trend that has taken hold in 2017 is the creation of Nails that use gold letters, black ink and gold paint.

This can be a very effective way to create nail art that is both a fun and effective way of looking good.6.

Nicks on a nail, with white lettersNicks on your nails are another common nail-related trend.

Nicked nails are often a sign that you need to work on your makeup, hair or nails.

Nicking your nails also indicates that you are in a healthier state, which can help with the overall health of your nails and overall appearance.7.

Nippon nail art, nail painting, and nail tattoosNippon is a Japanese term that means ‘nail art’.

Nippons are usually made of a type of clay that is used to create art or designs.

Nips, nubs and other nicks are the result of the clay making the art, and are often found on the head, the bottom of the feet or on the nails.8.

Nipple tattoo, black eye, black eyebrow, black nose, black tongueBlack eye tattoos are often used to highlight or highlight-up the black eyelashes, black eyebrows, black teeth or black nose.

Black eye tattoos can be done in black, black, or red, depending on your skin tone.9.

Nude nail artBlack eye nail art can be very popular.

Nudes are often the result from nail art using black, white, red, yellow or green ink.

This black ink can be added on the nail itself, or used in other ways, like a lip liner, nail stickers, nail curlers, or nail art brushes.10.

Nipple tattoo on a black, yellow, or orange backgroundA popular nail tattoo style is called Black Nipple Tattoos.

This technique uses black ink or paint to paint a tattoo that appears black on the skin.

This tattoo can also look similar to a tattoo of a person or person with an orange or black background.11.

Nipples on a face, neck or hairThe most popular nipple tattoo trend in 2017 was the black-and-white nipple tattoo.

The black ink tattoo is usually on the upper lip, or a place where the nipples of women are exposed.

Black nipple tattoos can

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