Fox News reports that if you’re looking for the ultimate in electron affinity, then you’re in luck because a new nail polish has been developed that is made with solar energy.

The “Nail for Energy” is made from the “nail magnet” of an electric car battery and it uses a battery-powered magnet to magnetize the nail polish.

The nail magnet is a solar energy battery that is housed inside a nail polish bottle.

A battery can charge an electric battery by converting sunlight into electricity.

Nail magnets are used in cars and electronics to keep them charged, and the technology can help keep them up to date.

The electric battery is then used to charge the nail magnets, and when the batteries are full, they’re returned to the sun to recharge the batteries.

The Nail for energy is being made in collaboration with a company called Electric Shine, which has been creating solar energy products for over a decade.

“The solar energy is the battery,” said Jennifer Smith, Vice President of Business Development at Electric Shine.

“So we have the battery in the bottle and we use that to charge up the solar energy and then we then take that back out to charge that battery up again.”

Electric Shine is a company that specializes in using solar energy to produce electric products.

Smith said the company is not just interested in the solar industry, but also the other technologies that are being used in the electric grid.

“It’s a way for people to get the most out of the grid, get the least amount of energy out of that grid,” she said.

“This is the future of electricity, and this is the best way to do it.”

The nail for energy will cost $30 and it will only be available for a limited time.

Smith hopes the nail for Energy will help to educate people on the future and the importance of solar energy in our future.

“We have to keep pushing the solar grid,” Smith said.

The company will be selling the nail magnet in two different styles.

The first, called “Electric Shine Nail Magnet,” will be available to order on Tuesday.

It will have an orange base, and will be limited to a couple of thousand units.

The second, called the “Electric Pink Nail,” will have a blue base, will have about five thousand units, and is the same size.

Both of the nail styles will be sold at the same time, with the first set to be available starting Wednesday, Nov. 16.

“There’s a lot of buzz about solar and electric energy and it’s just a really exciting time right now,” Smith added.

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