Trump’s new chief strategist Steve Bannon has been named as the president’s deputy national security adviser.

Trump tweeted Monday afternoon that Bannon is “an experienced, respected leader with a proven track record of leading our country’s foreign policy.”

“His strong military and national security credentials are well-suited to the role, and I am confident he will bring a refreshing perspective and experience to our administration,” he said.

“He is the only person with that background who will be able to lead our national security strategy and the transition to a new president,” Trump said.

Bannon is a former senior adviser to President Richard Nixon, who is known for his hawkish foreign policy positions.

Bannon also served as a chief strategist and policy adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012.

Trump has repeatedly clashed with Bannon over the past few months, with the president tweeting at the chief strategist over the weekend that Bannon was “not my guy.”

In a Sunday interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Trump called Bannon a “terrible person” and said Bannon should be “ashamed” of his statements and “disappointed” in the president.

The president has also expressed frustration over the recent leaks to the press about his personal finances, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity on Sunday that he has a problem with people leaking things to the media.

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