When I was younger, my parents were divorced.

My dad’s ex-wife, who was a nurse, was on the way out and we weren’t getting along.

One day, he was telling her that she needed to get a tattoo.

The tattoo was a message saying ‘I’m not a daddy’, and it was in black ink.

He got my mum to sign the papers and send it over to the doctor.

The next day, she called me up and said ‘I want you to have it done right now’.

She told me it would cost £100.

So I went to the pier, where I got a tattoo that said ‘F*** you, dad’.

She was so mad I thought ‘Oh my god, you’re going to get your tattoo done and then you’re gonna have to tell me you don’t want a daddy’.

I was really worried, because I was living with her.

Then she came to me, told me what it was about and how I should get it done.

I was so excited.

I had just got a new tattoo and I wanted to do it right away.

But then the next day I got an email from her saying ‘You have to get the tattoo done right away’.

That was when I realised that she was probably not going to like it.

It was an embarrassing thing, but she understood it.

She told the doctor that she didn’t want to have a daddy tattoo.

I wasn’t even aware she was doing it.

But she didn

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