We’ve seen how great the Seahawks have been this season.

We’ve also seen how bad the Seahawks are.

They’ve been a shell of their former selves.

How have they been playing, and is the Super to be anything more than a coronation of a failed, flawed franchise?

What’s different this time around is how they’ve played.

Let’s start with the defense, which was a major problem the first two weeks.

The Seahawks defense hasn’t been great the last two years, and the first game it looked like it might be a liability.

But the Seahawks defense played great, and they’ve looked more effective than they have all year.

It’s still not the greatest unit in the NFL.

The Seahawks defense allowed just 1,624 yards on the season, the third fewest in the league behind the Cowboys and Saints.

But they have some very good players, especially Russell Okung and Bobby Wagner.

They have the kind of young talent that can play in this league.

So far, the defense has been better than the offense, with the Seahawks scoring just 28 points, a number that doesn’t seem like a lot in today’s NFL.

I’m not saying the defense is going to be the dominant unit of the Seahawks’ season.

They might not have Russell Okusung and Wagner, who are both great players.

They don’t have Marshawn Lynch, who has been a disaster the past two seasons.

But that defense is the way to go for Seattle.

Russell Okung has been the Seahawks defensive MVP, but he’s not quite there yet.

And Bobby Wagner has been phenomenal in his first two games, but that will only continue to get better.

But Wilson is the best player on this defense right now.

And he’ll be playing a huge role in how they play for the rest of the year.

Russell Okuseng, Seattle Seahawks defense MVP, QB, Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)Russell Okasung is the Seahawks MVP.

He’s the best defensive player on the team right now and a leader in the locker room.

His leadership, energy and focus is unmatched.

He has been consistent with his play all year and has improved every game.

Okung, a 6-foot-2, 260-pound rookie, is leading the Seahawks with 4.5 sacks, six quarterback hurries, three interceptions, two pass breakups and a forced fumble.

He is a game-changer on defense.

Wilson, a 5-foot, 18-year-old rookie, has been spectacular all year, with 4,000 rushing yards, 21 touchdowns, five interceptions and 12 forced fumbles.

Wilson is a top-10 fantasy quarterback.

He had a season-high 898 yards rushing, one touchdown and zero interceptions.

He also caught six passes for 93 yards.

Russell Okun is a star.

He will be the face of the Seattle defense.

A big reason why Wilson has been so dominant is that he has had some trouble finding a rhythm.

He got a bit of a hitch in his game early in the season because of a knee injury.

Then he suffered a concussion early in training camp, and then the Seahawks lost Russell Okas.

He struggled for the first six weeks.

But he started playing well in Week 8 and has been solid in the last three games.

Wilson has thrown two touchdown passes, no interceptions and no sacks in those three games, and he’s now averaging 3.5 yards per carry, including 2.4 yards on runs of 15 yards or more.

Wilson was the starter the first four weeks of the season and he had a couple of really good performances.

He started the first three games and then got injured and missed the final three games of the regular season.

Wilson started all of the last four games, starting for Seattle in each of the team’s final three, but Wilson’s play was not there.

That’s when he got hurt.

The Seahawks haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2001.

It was Wilson who was drafted first overall in 1999 and had to make his first career start.

He came in and played well, and when he finally got the chance to go out and start the season it was not a good time.

Wilson struggled mightily for the last six weeks, getting injured in Week 11 and playing just six snaps in Week 12.

But it’s been really nice to see him get his legs under him and get back out there.

The biggest issue the Seahawks faced was that they were playing a team that was far more explosive than they are at the moment.

Seattle’s offensive line is so good and so strong.

Wilson ran the ball well and ran through his pads like a pro, but Seattle’s defense was a mess.

There were two big issues: the pass rush was nonexistent and the Seahawks couldn’t make a pass.

The two biggest plays were the two touchdown runs Wilson made in Week 14 and Week 15.

The second big issue is the defense.

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