— It was just before dawn when two men were in a white pickup truck heading to Florida’s Key West.

It was just hours before a cruise ship was scheduled to dock there.

It had been packed with visitors who’d paid $5,500 to stay at the luxury Mar-a-Lago resort, where Trump has spent the past several months making himself the center of a political and media firestorm.

At 1 a.m. on Friday, two days before Trump was to embark on his first overseas trip as president, a man in a suit, with a beard, and a cowboy hat was driving a blue truck that was empty.

The driver stopped to greet a woman on the passenger side.

She was standing outside a nearby convenience store.

Trump greeted the man and the woman and then got out of the truck.

Trump, who has been touring Europe, Japan and South America for more than a week, was scheduled for a stop in Miami on Saturday.

Trump has been criticized for his handling of his first two overseas trips, and for his treatment of the woman in Florida.

He did not speak to the two women.

After Trump’s motorcade pulled up to the marina, a woman walked into the store, wearing a T-shirt with the slogan, “Trump and Mar-A-Lago: The Two People You Can Count on,” and held up a sign that read, “Mar-a.-Lago is my property, not yours.”

Trump later said the sign was meant to make people feel welcome.

The sign was a jab at the Republican Party, which has long criticized Trump’s treatment of women and minorities, and at Mar-as-Lago, the president’s private club.

The two women who had been at the store told The Associated Press that they were not affiliated with Mar-As-Lago.

In Florida, tourism is declining, and the tourism industry, which includes hotels, golf courses and the oceanfront resorts, is struggling.

Trump’s visit to the state has been dogged by controversy over the past week, as he has called for an investigation into the Trump University fraud case, which he said was a “scam” and a “con game.”

Trump’s campaign, meanwhile, has been embroiled in a dispute with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi over the state’s law requiring a public release of financial records before a presidential candidate can be removed from office.

Bondi said she has not yet decided whether to seek an investigation, but the matter has drawn sharp criticism from Democrats and others.

Trump and Bondi have not spoken publicly since the meeting and Trump has not been in Florida since Friday, when he visited a golf club in Virginia and met with former President Bill Clinton.

Trump and Bondis have been in an increasingly public feud, with Bondi calling Trump’s behavior at Maras-a-$Lago “unacceptable” and Trump claiming that she was in a “physical altercation” with the president.

Trump also claimed that Bondi “got angry” at him.

BondI, who is running for reelection, said Trump has a “record of not respecting women” and “harassing women,” and that she had been told that he was “pissed” off by the news coverage of the meeting with the woman.

Trump told the AP that Bondis had “bumped into me at a hotel and grabbed me” and that he had said that she deserved a beating.

“I don’t understand why she is so angry.

She’s not a bad person,” Trump said.

Bondis has called Trump’s comments “misogynistic” and an “abuse of power.”

Trump has also been accused of attacking the Florida Attorney Genera- tion.

In a news conference last week, Bondi called the Florida AG’s office a “political tool” and said the office was investigating whether there was any “abuse” of office.

“We’re not saying it’s right.

We’re not blaming people,” Bondi told reporters.

Bondi’s office announced Friday that it would investigate the allegations.

She said in a statement that Trump had repeatedly questioned the attorney general’s impartiality in the case and called her a liar and a thief.

Bondian said the allegations are not credible.

After the news conference, Trump went to the golf club and met the woman who had greeted him at the convenience store, a business owner named Angela Smith.

The woman told the news media that she and her family had been waiting for Trump to arrive, and they walked to the club for a meal.

Smith said she was surprised when she saw Trump, saying he looked “very relaxed.”

Smith said she and Trump had dinner at the restaurant where she worked, and that they had a drink together.

When she asked what she could do to get him to come, Trump told her to call her husband, who lives in Florida, and said she could call his wife and

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