The Twitter trend-spotter has found that baby trends are going to dominate the digital landscape for the next two years.

According to Twitter’s trends, baby trends started in 2017 and are expected to peak in 2021.

Accordingly, we are going on the lookout for trends in the following categories:Baby itemsBaby foodBaby clothingBaby toysBaby accessoriesBaby gamesBaby toys, baby games and baby wearBaby wearBaby cosmeticsBaby face productsBaby accessories and baby accessoriesBaby makeupBaby facial productsBaby lip productsBaby nail polishBaby body sprayBaby hair productsBaby hair extensionsBaby body paintsBaby hand productsBaby makeup brushesBaby hair brushesBaby face paintBaby body paintBaby eyelinerBaby eye makeupBaby lip makeupBaby lipstickBaby lipstick and eye shadowBaby nail makeupBaby nail productsBaby nose productsBaby eye and cheek concealerBaby eye shadow and lip productsBabies apparelBaby apparelBaby underwearBaby bathwearBaby bath productsBaby clothesBaby beddingBaby bath towelsBaby bedsheetsBaby bath tissuesBaby bathtub bath towels and bath towelsThe trends are expected due to the trend-setting nature of the Internet and the fact that baby shopping is becoming more of an everyday activity.

Baby clothing trends are dominated by children’s clothing.

Baby clothing is the number one trend among kids, as the trend has been around for over a decade.

Baby food trends are more of a niche trend among adults.

Baby food has become more popular as consumers move away from traditional diets and instead choose to eat healthier foods and reduce their calorie intake.

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As the trend started in 2016, the trend was dominated by baby gear and bathwear.

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