Nail treatments that last a lifetime are everywhere, and nail art is no exception.

Beauty salon owners can use nail art to keep their salon looking its best for years to come, but how to get the most out of your time spent with it?

Whether you’re looking for a high-tech or vintage-inspired polish or a fresh and modern look, we’ve got you covered. 


Ceramic nail polish If you’ve ever wondered if your nails will last as long as you like, it might be time to consider a ceramic nail polish.

Ceramics are a popular way to keep your nails looking new and shiny, even if you have the most basic of nails.

If ceramic nails are your thing, consider these nail treatments:Ceramel-infused nail polish Cocoa nail polishCoconut-infuse nail polishKosher nail polishThe popular ceramic nail art treatment also includes a new twist.

Instead of using a traditional polish, this method uses the same liquid that gives nail polish its vibrant color, but instead of using glitter, the liquid is used to coat the nail surface.

The results?

You’ll get a glossy and vibrant finish.


Hair nail polish   The hair salon is a major source of prestige for nail salon owners.

A new nail treatment called the “Hair and Nail” has made the hair salon more of a destination for those who want a touch of style without breaking the bank.

It uses the traditional formula of oil-based nail polish to create a sparkly finish, and also provides a new treatment that makes the nail feel fresh and healthy.

This new treatment is available in five different shades, and is also available in a wide range of finishes: Natural nail polishNatural gel nail polishHair gel nail careNatural hair gel nail polishesNatural nail paintAll of these nail treatment options come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit your nail care needs.


Lush natural nail polishFor those who like a more natural finish, there are a few nail treatments you can try: Liquid-based gel nail treatmentsLiquid-filled nail polishLiquid nail polishMild-powder nail polishLight gel nail treatmentLiquid nail polishThe “Liquid-Filled” nail treatment, which comes in a variety of shades, is one of the most popular options for nail polish lovers.

You can also try the “Light-Powder” nail art technique, which uses a light powder to coat a powder-filled polish.

If you’re interested in trying a new nail treatments, you can get a good idea of what each one does by looking at the instructions.


Nail Polish in the bath Whether it’s a new polish, a gel manicure or a new way to apply the same polish, nail polish in the tub can be the most luxurious way to treat your nails.

Nail polish in a tub can add a luxurious touch to your nail art, and the best part is, the process takes a few minutes.

While you can find a variety nail treatments in the salon, you’ll want to look for a nail polish that doesn’t require much attention to the nail.

To get the perfect nail polish for your nails, find out what nail treatment you’ll need and how to do it. 5. 

Natural gel manicures Nail care experts at Dermapoint are also working to develop a new form of nail care for salon owners to make the experience more fun.

They’re introducing a new, natural gel manicuring technique called the Natural Gel Nail Care, which is available to both the salon and customer.

In addition to gel nail art treatments, this gel manicured treatment also comes in five colors and finishes.

For more nail treatments options, check out the salon FAQ below for tips on what to expect when you come in for a visit.

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