As part of the Prestige card upgrade, you can get a free 10-day trial of a new Citi card.

But if you want to buy one of the many other perks of getting the card, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $75.

That’s an additional $50 in annual fees.

The card is also limited to one credit card per cardholder, and there are no ATM withdrawals.

You’ll also need to have a bank account, though Citi said it does not currently require it.

(For details, see Citi cards, the latest news, and Citi’s card launch.)

The Prestige has been available for the past several months on Citi credit cards, but it was not until the first few weeks of March that it was rolled out nationwide.

Now that it is officially a Citi product, you should be able to get the card at Citi stores nationwide.

There is a limit on the number of Citi debit cards that can be opened and a limit of $5,000 in total, per person, per month.

For the new card, the limit is $75 a card, though it is also possible to pay for the card with credit card through a credit union or other payment method.

Citi says the card has an average balance of about $3,000.

It also says you can transfer up to $3 million on the card from your account to another Citi account.

If you use your card for any other reason besides purchases, it will be charged the same rate.

You can also transfer up $2,500 to another card from one Citi Bank account to the other.

You will be able transfer up an additional one million Citi points from the CIT card to the card you want.

(You can transfer more than $2 million with a card with no minimum balance.

The maximum balance on the Cit card is $3.5 million.)

This is the first time that the card is being offered with a minimum balance, and it may be the first card you get in the coming months.

If the card comes in handy, you might want to consider the Citec card, which is a $1,000-a-year, 0% APR credit card that comes with a 1.5% minimum balance and a 0% interest rate.

Citecs credit cards will be available in Canada, the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U of T in April.

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