With only four months to go until its official launch, Spotify has made its official debut in India.

The app is a little-known music streaming service that offers free access to over a billion songs.

It’s also not a household name in the country, so its debut in the charts may be seen as a bit of a surprise.

But it’s not the first time that Spotify has hit the charts here.

It has also made the top five of the music charts in countries like Russia, Israel and India.

The first song to make the top four of the Indian charts was the pop song ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Jay-Z.

It debuted at number four on Billboard India’s chart, and its global chart position is quite respectable for a song in its genre.

It also made its debut on Spotify’s top 40 charts.’

Sugar (featuring Nia Nacci)’ is the first track on the chart, which lists songs that feature a female lead singer and features a verse by the singer.

The song was written by Nia, and features vocals from former Spice Girl Nia.

It’s not quite the first song that Spotify had to deal with on the Indian chart.

It made its mark in the Top 50 of the chart in 2013.

‘Luv Me Like That’ was the debut single by the rapper Snoop Dogg in the chart’s first two years.

It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014.

The track was also a Top 5 hit in 2015.

The next big chart debut came from the pop duo Lady Gaga and Beyonce, with ‘Applause’ making its debut at number three on the charts in 2018.

‘AppLause’ has been featured on the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 for six months now.

In the chart that came out in October, it made its first appearance on the top 10.

In that same month, ‘We Will Rock You’ was also ranked as one of the Top 20 pop hits of 2018.

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