On Friday, Amazon revealed its latest trend analysis that shows how Amazon’s trend analysis will be used to help customers decide which products they want to buy. 

The trend analysis is being released as part of Amazon’s announcement that it will introduce the new “Best Price Guarantee” feature for some products on the platform. 

Amazon will offer its trend analysis on the best deals in terms of price and shipping. 

It will be available to users to check before buying products on Amazon, which will help shoppers determine which products are best for them. 

But, if you’re a Amazon Prime member and have Prime shipping, you will also be able to use the trend analysis to see which products you might want to save for a future trip. 

While the trend is designed to help users make better decisions about where to buy items, the fact that it’s now available to Amazon Prime members makes it even more useful to Prime customers. 

Prime members can now get a preview of how Amazon will be using the trend on the site. 

What do you think of Amazon offering trend analysis in its Prime subscription?

Is it useful to Amazon users, or does it have the potential to be abused? 

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