The Daily Caller is warning that a fake “news” outfit is trying to capitalize on the “fakeness” of “fake news” by targeting conservatives and “conservative activists.”

The Daily Caller, which has been labeled “fakenews” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, reports that the outfit is targeting “conservative journalists, conservatives, conservative activists, conservatives and even Republican lawmakers.”

The organization claims that the “news organization” is using social media to “push the message that ‘fake news’ is legitimate, while ‘fake conservatives’ are a conspiracy.”

The group warns that the group is “releasing content that is false, malicious and in violation of federal law, including hate speech, defamation and false and misleading reports.”

In a post, the Daily Caller states that the organization is a “hate group” and that it “will continue to fight against the hateful content that we are all exposed to every day on social media.”

The fake news “media” also says that it will “fight back” with its own content.

In a message to the Daily Caller, a representative for the organization said, “We have always fought against fake news and hate speech on social networks.

But we need to keep up the fight to keep our free speech protected and our right to free speech.

That is why we created the @DailyCaller, and the platform will continue to work to fight back against fake and fake news.””

As we continue to grow, we will continue sharing real news with our readers and supporters and keep fighting to protect our First Amendment rights,” the DailyCaller added.

The group also warned that it has received several reports of fake news on social network sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

The DailyCallers Facebook page reported that it received an automated notification on Thursday that an “anti-conservative news” article “featured a fake conservative” on its site.

The DailyCallery’s Twitter page reported an account that was “trying to spread hate and fake stories about conservatives and their families,” the Caller said.

“We need to stop the misinformation and fake reporting that we have come to know and trust over the past few years,” the group said in its post.

The National Coalition to Protect Students from Fake News, a conservative group that promotes the use of fake “fake” news, posted on Twitter on Thursday evening that it had received a threat that “a fake news organization will post information on your page.

This fake news will make you look bad.”

The Coalition to Stop Fake News also released a statement on Friday saying it had taken the threat seriously and had “investigated the threats and confirmed that there was a real person involved in the attack.”

“We’re committed to defending our First and Second Amendment rights as Americans, and we will keep fighting against any attempt to spread misinformation and hate that we’re all exposed so frequently to online,” the statement continued.

The Center for Media and Democracy, a left-leaning group that monitors fake news, also released an analysis of the group’s Twitter account.

“In fact, it’s a fake organization.

It’s a Twitter account for a fake group,” Margo Tashiro, executive director of Media Matters, told the Caller.

“It’s a group that has used social media as a platform to spread fake news over the years.”

The account has not yet responded to the Caller’s request for comment.

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