DIAMODE MAGAZINE and the Site : offers the opportunity to put your brand on his store.


The Company Magazine DIAMODE create advertisements for clothing sold in the store, organize professional photoshoots, creating with his team when it feels newsletters, create fashion video and post on networks social content without any claim of the brand's owner(s) and the employee accepts the agreement.

The Brand agrees once the clothes are online on the following web sites: and, agreed that the Company DIAMODE Magazine can to do what it wants with the images of the brand.

Any reproduction whatsoever Photos, Videos, newsletters and advertisements shall in no case be taken up by the brand and if the Brand unless really needs it, so thank you to refer to [email protected] before posting. The Company DIAMODE Magazine will give you the price of their reproductions (photoshoot, video, newsletters etc.) to protect the work of our artists (copyright).

The Company DIAMODE Magazine informs the Brand that all art objects made by it (photos, videos, newsletter, advertising, etc.) are protected by copyright policy and if the Brand, the brand or other use without have to purchase from the Company, DIAMODE Magazine has the right to initiate legal proceedings with his lawyer.


The Brand agrees to provide 20% on every sale on the following web sites: and to the Company DIAMODE Magazine. All payments to the Brand will be made by Paypal after sending the purchase to the customer only.

DIAMODE Magazine doesn't take in charge to send the item to customers. The magazine is only responsible for the sale and signals the Brand by providing the postal address of the client.

The Brand will then send by address to DIAMODE MAGAZINE 13, rue de la chèvre d'or 04200 SISTERON (France) or by scanning email to [email protected], a paper sending proof provided by by Post with the tracking number.

Only after receiving this document, DIAMODE Magazine will pay the amount of the order by deducting 20% of the sale to the owner of the brand.


All refunds or exchanges will be reported directly to the Brand and the Company DIAMODE Magazine is responsible to repay all customers only after receiving the rest of the money back by the Employee and the confirmation of the latter that the object has been received or exchanged. The Brand must notify the Company when returning the exchange or refund for that the Company can in turn send a confirmation email to the customer.

Exchanges and refunds are only made up to 10 days after purchase.

DIAMODE Magazine does not take responsibility for any missing or lost parcels. The following websites and have the full opportunity to do promotions on clothing with the agree of the brand and the brand will have to keep abreast DIAMODE Magazine of its promotions and news. 

The Brand agrees to notify DIAMODE Magazine sending prices in Europe and abroad for the Company transcribes. The Brand also agrees to transmit the prices of its products. The Brand declares to be informed that prices on the following sites: and be in dollars ($) VAT included.

All dissatisfied customers will be reported to the employee who will have to explain the reason.


The Brand is committed to respecting these rules after signing and initialed pages. The Company DIAMODE Magazine reserves the right to delete the content of the brand and to stop selling it on its platform if there is non-compliance.

The brand will be available online only after receipt by signature and mail the sales conditions of contract to be based on the country either in English or in French.

Thank you to contact us if you want DIAMODE Magazine sell your clothes : [email protected]

For further information: [email protected]


With a leading in-house planning & strategy team, DIAMODE delivers carefully curated advertising initiatives and custom special partnerships to brands that reach our affluent cultural enthusiasts, tastemakers and influencers alike. The premium positioning offered in association with the unconventional content gives your brand and company the chance to optimize your reach and capitalize on opportunities.
Offering exclusive and effective positioning in addition to traditional placements and a chance to be part of the most authentic representation of today's outlook on lifestyle.
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